Released from Prison after getting out of Solitary Confinement


“I’m going to hurt somebody. That’s just me being honest man. I hate to admit it though, but if I had to do the rest of my time, because I got so much anger and mental problems, I don’t think I’ll last long out there. … I ain’t got no, ain’t no programs or nothing. What I’m supposed to do out there? I don’t know nothing about the free world. That’s sad to say, but that’s true. I don’t know where to start or where to end.” -Anonymous, Prisoner at OSP

Mansfield Correctional Institution has one of the largest number of people in solitary confinement in Ohio. In 2013, they released 845 people back to the community. In 2014, it was 964.48 ODRC does not keep data about how many were directly released from solitary confinement.

Multiple studies show higher recidivism for individuals who were previously in solitary confinement. In other words, the use of solitary confinement in our prisons makes crimes in our communities more likely. People in prison in Arizona who spent a long time in solitary confinement reported “difficulty adjusting to a regular prison yard… adjusting to life outside a prison environment can feel utterly impossible.”

Just picture it, if you was in a cell and you got a CO retaliating on you all hours of the day, refusing you food, searching your cell, tearing up your stuff, cussing you out, pepper-spraying you for no reason, just all different type of stuff and you just in that cell. You’re taking all this abuse. You got guys that aren’t equipped mentally to deal with that so they be angry. They lash out, they cry, they holler, they scream, they cuss us guys out for no reason because they angry. You got a lot of guys like that. That’s what solitary confinement do, that’s what it do to the mind…Destroys the mind.

Full report here Ohio Prisons

The United Nations Special Rapporteur states that psychological damage from solitary confinement can become irreversible after just seven days.36 A person’s need for meaningful interaction with other humans and purposeful activity is like a person’s need for food. Without enough, they suffer and deteriorate.3


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